Rails 6 Ready

Skip writing all that boring boilerplate

Stop starting every new Rails app from scratch. Use our growing library of Rails themes & UI kits, feature packed Rails engines & powerful tools to cut out weeks of struggling development time

Skip writing all that boring boilerplate

Trusted by hundreds of startup founders, developers and CTOs at companies around the world
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For Solo Developers
Skip the boring boilerplate that saps your energy and finish your idea
For Startup Founders
Get your Startup to market faster by shaving off weeks of development time spent building out the usual SaaS app basics
For Businesses
Create internal or tactical apps to solve business problems faster than ever before and at lower cost

The gap between running rails new & being able to solely focus on the features that makes your app unique is huge

The list of things you have to develop so you can launch your Rails app is long: payments, admin, emails, theming, and so much more

Build a solid code foundation quicker than ever before

Go from zero to one in your Rails app codebase by installing KISO gems that supply Rails Engines which take care of core functionality like:
  • Stripe Transactions & Subscriptions
  • Admin sections
  • Theming your entire Rails app for a constent look and feel
  • Customizing common gems like Devise and Devise Invitable to match your app

    Make your Rails app look consistent and professional

    Don't waste time hunting around for some HTML template that you then have to cut up. KISO provides 16 theme variations out the box that integrate with Rails immediately with all the hard work taken care for you.
  • 16 completely customizable themes
  • 100+ drop in components
  • Over 35 full pages quickly generatable from the command line

    Use our powerful tools to take your development experience to the next level

    KISO is developing tools that make everyday Rails tasks even more streamlined and give you even more power
  • Automatically Dockerizing your entire Rails app stack so it can run anywhere
  • Get closer to launching your Rails App today

    Here's some of the top features and benefits we've taken care of for you so you won't have to implement ever again

    Rails 6 Ready

    We constantly work to support the latest version of Rails so you don't have to think about it

    16 Rails Themes

    Choose from any of the 4 core themes and 4 sub-variations and get instant results

    Bootstrap 4 & SCSS

    We use the battle tested and rock solid Bootstrap 4 with SCSS to completely customize everything, and allow you full control

    Automatically customized Rails Scaffolding

    We hook into Rails' Scaffolding commands to automatically make the view match the chosen theme

    17 Rails Theme Generators

    Quickly run generators for landing pages, error pages, legal pages, pricing pages, dashbaord pages, and more

    60+ View Partial Content Blocks

    Generate over 60 content blocks are pre-made Rails view partials that you can immediately render onto your page

    100+ Cards and Widgets

    Chose from our huge pre-made library of Bootstrap 4 compatible cards and widgets

    35+ Frontend Page designs

    Fully implemented designs in Bootstrap 4 for almost every imaginable front end page you might need to get started

    Rails View helpers

    Over a dozen Rails view helpers for generating markup for Icons, Dropdowns, and Forms

    Email Layouts

    Customized Email template layouts that match the chosen theme

    Customized Simple Form Gem

    We've tweaked and customized Simple Form so that it automatically generates Bootstrap 4 friendly markup that matches the chosen KISO theme out the gate

    4 Dashboard Layouts

    Quickly generate any of the 4 pre-made Dashboard views into your app

    Turbolinks Ready

    Turbolinks is supported out of the box

    Customized Devise

    Devise fully customized including all default pages to match the chosen KISO theme

    Customized Devise Invitable

    Devise Invitable fully customized including mailers to match the chosen KISO theme

    Customized Pagination Gems

    Kaminari and will_paginate fully customized to match the chosen KISO theme

    ERB Based templates

    ERB is used to provided the broadest base of compatibility

    Dozens of Javascript components

    Chart.js, sparklines, parallax.js and more are all enableable in seconds

    Docker file generator CLI tool

    Automatically analyse your Rails app stack and generate the correct Dockerfiles and docker-compose.yml files

    Stripe Transactional Payments

    Quickly configure your app to take Stripe transactional payments

    Stripe Subscription Payments

    Quickly configure your app to take Stripe subscription payments

    Stripe Admin

    An entire Admin backend for managing Stripe Products & Plans

    Automatic Upgrades

    Because we ship everything as versioned Gems, you can update everything with ease

    And much more!

    We are constantly working to build out more features to make your development experience with Rails even better

    It's like having your own design & development team working with you on your app

    16 professionally designed themes that completely re-skin your Rails application, and all you have to do is run some simple commands. Powerful page generators that create the full markup and styling for you, automatic integration with Rails’ Scaffolding and a huge library of content blocks and components, you won’t believe how quickly you can build entire sections of your app.
    We’ve build some extremely powerful and fully tested Rails engines that you can drop into you Rails app today and get major functionality automatically built into your app, including any user facing screens and private admin sections - all of which work with any KISO theme you choose.
    We’ve created tools that help containerize your application, working with Docker behind the scenes so you can deploy your app in a container to Digital Ocean. We’ve also built an incredibly powerful Application generator - so you don’t even have to write any code at all to get started.

    Join hundreds of happy Rails developers from all over the world

    You’ll soon be among the ranks of the most productive Rails developers in the world, who are getting on with shipping the features that make their product unique
    "Many developers seem to think designing a reliable, responsive landing page, pricing page, etc. is something every developer should do themselves. I see the number of commits on landing page themes and disagree."
    - Austin Voss
    "It’s a great idea and has saved me countless hours."
    - Daniel Bork

    Accelerate your Rails app development today

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