Basic Metrics


KISO Stripe Payments ships with the capability for calculating basic Stripe revenue metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue, and Active Subscriptions count. They are implemented as a set of rake tasks that should be scheduled to run periodically.

#Rake Tasks

Rake Task CommandDescription
kiso_stripe_payments:calculate_daily_mrr_metricsCalculate MRR metrics for daily periods
kiso_stripe_payments:calculate_weekly_mrr_metricsCalculate MRR metrics for weekly periods
kiso_stripe_payments:calculate_monthly_mrr_metricsCalculate MRR metrics for monthly periods
kiso_stripe_payments:calculate_quarterly_mrr_metricsCalculate MRR metrics for quarterly periods
kiso_stripe_payments:calculate_daily_subscriber_metricsCalculate Active Subscriber metrics for daily periods
kiso_stripe_payments:calculate_weekly_subscriber_metricsCalculate Active Subscriber metrics for weekly periods
kiso_stripe_payments:calculate_monthly_subscriber_metricsCalculate Active Subscriber metrics for monthly periods
The metrics will be calculated and data generated into the stripe_metrics table, which allows filtering by type (daily, weekly, etc).