#Rapid Rails Themes

Rapid Rails Themes provides dozens of themes and theme variations, generatable pages, components, view partials and much more. The goal for RRT is to provide the ultimate getting started design experience for Rails developers.
#How it works
Rapid Rails Themes ships to you as a RubyGem, which contains a Rails engine that hooks up everything to do with the Asset Pipeline and providing all of the customizations to you with the minimal amount of hassle. The included Rails engine also takes care of overriding the default Rails scaffolding templates, and any 3rd party gems we integrate with.
#Updates & Upgrades
One of the reasons we ship our product as a RubyGem is so that updates and upgrades are a breeze - you just run bundle update rrt and the latest version will be pulled down and automatically installed - meaning you get new components, pages and updates for free.
Updates and upgrades are available for one year from the point of purchase, but can be extended at renewal time at discount.
Support is available to Rapid Rails Themes customers. Simply login to your account, go to the Support area, and ask your question or raise your issue. Support is available for one year from the point of purchase, but can be extended at renewal time.
I currently offer two license levels for Rapid Rails Themes:
  • Indie
Intended for the solo developer working on a side project. You can't use this license if you're building a SaaS app that you intend to charge end users for access to, or for client projects.
  • Pro
Intended for solo developers with big ambitions, SaaS apps, companies or other large entities. You use this license for apps or sites you intend to charge end users access to. You can use this license for client projects.
You can upgrade at any time from Indie to Pro.
#Open Source Projects
Unfortunately Rapid Rails Themes can't be used in OSS projects at all, since in the past this has allowed people to just pirate the theme. I'm just one man behind this project, so every time someone steals the theme it's making it more difficult for me to operate this service, which takes time AND money.