Simple Form

#Simple Form

Make sure to remove the template that simple_form creates under the path lib/templates/{erb|html}/scaffold as it will prevent the built in template that ships with Rapid Rails Themes from working.
#Creating a Hortizontal BS4 form
Use this code snippet to make sure the appropriate wrappers are used:
<%= simple_form_for @user_horizontal, url: create_horizontal_examples_url, as: 'user_horizontal', html: { class: 'form-horizontal' },
  wrapper: :horizontal_form,
  wrapper_mappings: {
    check_boxes: :horizontal_radio_and_checkboxes,
    radio_buttons: :horizontal_radio_and_checkboxes,
    file: :horizontal_file_input,
    boolean: :horizontal_boolean
  } do |f| %>
#Creating an inline form
Use this code snippet:
<%= simple_form_for @user_inline, url: create_inline_examples_url, as: 'user_inline',
  wrapper: :inline_form,
  html: { class: 'form-inline' } do |f| %>