#Rails Generators

KISO Themes ships with a bunch of Rails generators that create complete pages to save you hours of work. Generally, each generator will be able to create multiple variations of the given type of generator. This is achieved by supplying the --variant=n switch, with n being the number of the variant you want to generate. The default variant is 1, and ommitting the switch falls back to variant 1.

#Available Generators

You can always get a list of current generators available to run by running the following snippet:
bin/rails g | grep 'kiso_themes'
installInstalls the theme files in your app, and hooks everything up. Just run this command and you're done.
customizeGenerates the customizable rrt.css.scss and rrt.js file that you can use to override / tweak the theme variables and includes.
dashboard_pages CONTROLLER_NAME ACTION_NAME --variant=1Generates the Dashboard template at app/views/CONTROLLER_NAME/ACTION_NAME
pricing_pages CONTROLLER_NAME ACTION_NAME --variant=1Generates a pricing style view at app/views/CONTROLLER_NAME/ACTION_NAME
error_pagesGenerates standard Error pages for 403, 404, 422 and 500 statuses at public/.
deviseGenerates the Rapid Rails Themes custom Devise views and Email templates into your application.
legal_pagesGenerates the Privacy and Terms of Services page template at app/views/legal/terms_of_service.erb and app/views/legal/privacy.erb
faq_pages CONTROLLER_NAME ACTIONS_NAME --variant=1Generates the FAQ page variant template at app/views/CONTROLLER_NAME/ACTION_NAME.
landing_pages CONTROLLER_NAME ACTIONS_NAME --variant=1Generates the Landing page variant template at app/views/CONTROLLER_NAME/ACTION_NAME.
pricing_pages CONTROLLER_NAME ACTIONS_NAME --variant=1Generates the Pricing page variant template at app/views/CONTROLLER_NAME/ACTION_NAME.
user_account_pages CONTROLLER_NAME ACTIONS_NAMEGenerates the User account page variant template, controllers and partials at app/views/CONTROLLER_NAME/ACTION_NAME. Routes will also be created to route from /user
analytics_dashboard_pages CONTROLLER_NAME ACTION_NAMEGenerates the Analytics Dashboard template at app/views/CONTROLLER_NAME/ACTION_NAME
analytics_detail_pages CONTROLLER_NAME ACTION_NAMEGenerates the Analytics Detail template at app/views/CONTROLLER_NAME/ACTION_NAME
blog_post_pages CONTROLLER_NAME ACTION_NAMEGenerates the Blog Post template at app/views/CONTROLLER_NAME/ACTION_NAME
blog_archive_pages CONTROLLER_NAME ACTION_NAMEGenerates the Blog Archive template at app/views/CONTROLLER_NAME/ACTION_NAME
content_blocksCopies all of the content blocks into your projects under the app/views/content_blocks directory.