KISO is named after the Japanese word for foundation. We chose that name because it encompasses what we want our product to be: the best foundation for your Rails app, whatever it may be that you're trying to build.
We try to make documentation that is as comprehensive as possible, but if you find something isn't explained, or isn't explained well, please contact us and we'll do our best to update the documentation.

#How KISO works

KISO ships to you as a set of Ruby Gems, which contains Rails engines or CLIs. You add them to your Rails project, where they will provided new fuctionality to your app.

#Updates & Upgrades

One of the reasons we ship our product as a RubyGem is so that updates and upgrades are a breeze - you just run bundle update <gem_name> and the latest version will be pulled down and automatically installed - meaning you get new components, pages and updates for free.
Updates and upgrades are available for one year from the point of purchase, but can be extended at renewal time.


Support is available to KISO customers. Simply login to your account, go to the Support area, and ask your question or raise your issue. Support is available for one year from the point of purchase, but can be extended at renewal time.


Broadly speaking the licenses are intended to differentiate individuals who are not buying a license for corporate purposes, and individuals or companies who are buying a license for use in a corporate environment. You can upgrade from an individual license to a corporate license any time, but you should not buy an Individual license for a corporation under any circumstances.

#Open Source Projects

Unfortunately KISO can't be used in OSS projects at all, since in the past this has allowed people to too easily just pirate the software. Every time someone steals the code it's making it more difficult for to operate this service, which takes time AND money.


We're proud of the fact that we're hardly ever asked for refunds. That said, refunds are available at any time up to 30 days after your date of purchase. We won't give you any hassle, and it's a quick automated process via Stripe on our end. It would be really helpful to us if you could say something about your situation so we can make a better product & service.