RAILS ENGINES / KISO Stripe Payments

Instantly have your Rails app taking money

A fully comprehensive Rails Engine for Stripe Payments: one of transactions and recurring SaaS style billing. Complete with Admin sections and Stripe webhook handling.

Stripe Transactions & Subscriptions

Whether you want to handle one off transactions, or recurring subscription payments, kiso-payments has you covered for both scenarios.

Comprehensive Stripe Admin Section

Pre-made Admin section for handling Stripe Products & Plans, Subscriptions and Transactions

Stripe Webhook processing

Payments comes with an expandable event driven system for handling stripe webhooks, with a default implementation for sending Admin emails on every Stripe event.

Built in UI Views for Transactions & Subscriptions

Simply call either the KISO Payments transaction helper or Subscription Form helper to immediately add the relevant billing UI components to your page
Basic Admin Stripe Metrics
Simple Stripe metrics are provided right in the Admin section for active customer count and MRR so you can get a feel for how things are going.
Default Admin Mailers
Every notable Stripe event will trigger an Email to the configured Admin account with all of the details - or however you choose to customize the notification - or however you choose to customize the notifications.
Stripe Event Plugin System
All webhook events are processed through our custom Event Plugin System, allowing you to hook in to any events you choose, and process them however you want - to a Slack notifier for example.
Drop in Customer facing Subscription UI
We've provided an entire page to allow customer to manage their Subscriptions, so you don't have to code anything.


  1. Rails dependency relaxed to 5.2.3

    - kiso_stripe_payments
    While only the current version of Rails is officially supported, you can now install the Stripe Payments engine on a Rails 5.2.3 project.
  2. Initial Version

    - kiso_stripe_payments
    The initial version of kiso_stripe_payments.

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