• What is KISO?

    KISO is a subscription based service which supplies commercial Rails Themes, UI Kits, Rails Engines and Tools desgined to implement all of the boilerplate code needed to get a Rails app up and running as a SaaS service, and more.
  • What are the benefits of KISO?

    Save hundreds of hours or weeks of development time that otherwise need to be spent working on boilerplate that doesn't make your app unique, but is necessary. Get to market faster. Keep your motivation intact to actually finish your idea.
  • Which plan is best for me?

    If you're a developer working on your own idea on the side, the Personal plan is for you. If you're a business of any kind, or buying for a corporation then you need either the Business or Enterprise plan based on the number of developers who will be working with KISO.
  • Why is this a monthly subscription?

    We need to make a living, and we don't have any VC backing. A monthly subscription provides a vital cash flow that supports future development and expansion, support operations and infrastructure costs.
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes. Login to your account and use the Cancel Subscription button
  • Can I use this with a client I have?

    No. The client needs to buy a license of their own.
  • Are refunds possible?

    Yes. We will refund your most recent payment upon request, but further back than that is not possible.
  • Where are you located?

    We're based on Vancouver Island, Canada, eh.
  • Can I continue using the sofware even after I cancel my KISO subscription?

    No. If you want to continue using the software, you need an active license. This is how the product is developed and supported.
  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Not at this time.
  • Is there an Open Source version?

    Not at this time.

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