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Welcome to KISO

KISO is the Japanese word for foundation, or basis. I chose that word because I wanted to build a new foundation or starting point for Rails apps.
But first a little history...
Originally back in the distant past of 2011, Marc-Andre Cournoyer launched a little engine for Rails called Dresssed. It shipped with 1 theme, the classic and trusty 'Gimlet'.
No sooner than he launched Dresssed than Marc-Andre become super busy with his course 'Owning Rails', and he ended up leaving Dresssed untouched.
Then, in 2014, I contacted Marc-Andre to see what he was up to with Dresssed, and as it turned out he had no plans for it.
So I bought it from him, and after a huge amount of effort to update everything to the latest Bootstrap 3 at the time, re-launched Dressed with an all new theme - Ives.
Dresssed helped many Rails developers around the world get their Rails apps looking great with minimal effort.
Around 2016, I decided to push the boat out a bit theme-wise. And also re-brand (the Dresssed name had caused many problems over the years with its extra 's') as Rapid Rails Themes, and this time launching with 4 core theme, each with 4 variations.

The birth of KISO

Since launching Rapid Rails Themes in 2016, I've had a gnawing desire to expand out the feature set to something more than just themes. There are so many pieces to a SaaS app that are always the same, and are basically boiler plate.
I had a vision for a suite of Rails engines, that married perfectly with some Rails themes. I envisioned extra tools that made working with Rails and Docker containers easier than ever.
I wanted a foundation for a solid Rails SaaS app that looked great, was highly modular and even supported advanced technologies like React and GraphQL out the box.
KISO became that vision - a foundation for your Rails app that bolts together and is highly customizable and modular.
Today we're launching with KISO Themes which comes with support for Rails 6 and Webpacker out of the box.
There's also a complete Stripe payments engine that handles subscription and transactions, including an admin backend for both, and more.
And finally there's KISO Crate which is a CLI that automates all the rough edges of containerizing your Rails project with one command.
This is just the start. Be sure to sign up to the newsletter to hear about what else we make to help developers build Rails apps faster.

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