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Automatically dockerize your entire Rails project

KISO Crate is a tool for automatically Dockerizing your Rails project, taking care to analyse your runtime components to detect your database, Redis or queueing library to produce the appropriate Docker Compose files. All from one command.
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Automatic Environment Analysis

Crate will scan your Gemfiles and examine how your Rails app is built in order to determine what components need to be containerized.

One command to run everything

You can run the whole show from Crate's simplified command line, whether its bringing up containers or restarting them.

Produces optimized Dockerfiles and docker-compose.yml

Crate will generate specifically optimized Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files tuned for Ruby on Rails apps

Run as many times as needed

If you update or change your stack, simply re-running Crate will re-analyse your stack and generate the appropriate files.
Dockerize your whole Rails app in seconds
No longer hunting around for blog posts on what to do
Get parity with production
Have your Rails development environment be as close as possible to your production environment in seconds.
Ship your Dockerized Rails environment to any other machine
Whether its Dokku or a Digital Ocean droplet running Docker, you'll be able to host your app in minutes.
Never struggle with Gem compilation errors again
Create reproducible builds that aren't subject to the vagaries of your local machine.


  1. Initial Version

    - kiso_crate
    The initial version of kiso_crate.

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