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Professionally designed Bootstrap 4 themes deeply integrated with Rails to make you app look awesome
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16 Theme Variations

Choose from four main themes which each have 4 color variations to select from. And if you don't find any of those pre-made choices to your liking, simply tweak the Sass variables to your liking.

Over 100 UI Components

Cards, Navbars, pricing grids, and much more, pre-styled and ready to work in your app.

Based on Bootstrap 4

Since the themes are built on Bootstrap 4, you have immediate compatibility with the thousands of existing Bootstrap plugins and components. Just drop them in and they will immediately fit the app theme you've chosen.

Automatic Rails Scaffolding theming

Rails' Scaffolding gets turbocharged. Just run the standard Rails scaffolding commands and they are automatically configured to use the theme. You don't have to do anything!
Rails 6 Ready
All themes are ready and tested with Rails 6 and Webpacker.
Fully customized Devise & Devise Invitable
We've fully customized all of the default Devise screens and email templates to fully match the theme
Over a dozen built in Rails Generator commands
Generate Dashboards, Landing Pages or user facing sections of your app with one simple Rails command
100+ cards & widgets
Ready to drop into your project, we supply markup for hundreds of UI cards and widgets that you can completely customize to your needs
Customized 3rd party gems
We've also customized a bunch of third party gems like simple_form, will_paginate and kaminari to automatically fit the themes.
Dozens of pre-integrated JavaScript components
Charts, sparklines, graphs, and much more already wired up with your Rails app.

4 Themes x 4 Variarions x Complete Control

Orion is a modern, clean take on Flat and Material design. Orion shoots for a happy spot between the clean aesthetic of Flat design and Material Design
Auriga is dark and heavy. A futuristic looking theme which is perfect for monitoring apps, big data displays and other analytics heavy screens.
Gemini is based on more subtle pastel shades and colors, with a great typeface, Cabin, to give a more refined look.
Lyra is a clean and subtle theme, with many cues from Material Design with your content squarely in focus


  1. Initial Version

    - kiso_themes
    The initial version of kiso_themes.

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